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You don’t have to be skilled in woodworking to create your own cigar humidor. There are plenty of ways to store your cigar collection. You could opt to store them in something as simple as a Tupperware container or even an empty cooler. Your other option, of course, is to buy a cigar humidor that is the perfect size and will keep your cigars fresh and flavorful.

Roz’s Cigar Emporium has tips for doing either option and can help you pick out the right cigars and accessories to build your collection.

If you have a large Tupperware container with a reliable cover, that can work perfectly as a makeshift humidor. You’ll need a tight seal that can hold in air. This will help keep your cigars fresh. You should be able to fit a couple of old cigar boxes inside your container. Keep your cigars in these old boxes instead of rolling around inside the container, which could damage them or limit their freshness. The other thing to check for is the amount of moisture in your makeshift humidor. There needs to be plenty of moisture inside the humidor, but you don’t want cigars coming in direct contact with the moisture source. This is another reason why keeping the cigars in the box will help. You can also purchase a small digital humidifier to attach to the cigar boxes or simply use Spanish cedars or even a damp cloth or sponge to help keep the inside of your container humid.

Larger humidor collections can also fit inside a plastic cooler. Once again, you should keep your cigars inside old boxes in the cooler and add a humidifier or source of moisture. Wine coolers also work well for humidors. In this case, you want to make sure the motor isn’t running to keep your cigars humid and moist.

If you don’t think making a makeshift cigar humidor would work for your collection, you can always buy your own humidor. There are many different humidor options available. If you have a bigger collection, it might make sense to spend the money for a room humidor that’s the size of a walk-in closet. Most likely, though, a cabinet humidor or a smaller tabletop humidor is more appropriate. Whatever you choose, make sure your humidor is slightly larger than your cigar collection, especially if you plan on growing your collection.

We recommend buying a cigar humidor that is made from Spanish cedar and isn’t available for a price that’s too good to be true. You don’t want a cheap humidor that will quickly lose its effectiveness. Make sure to buy a humidor with a built-in hygrometer to measure humidity levels, or purchase one separately to use.

Once you have your humidor, you can begin adding cigars to your collection. You can ask our knowledgeable team for advice on building your collection. Most humidor collections start out with just a small humidor and a hygrometer and thermometer to measure humidity and temperature. The next step is to give them cigars to hold. We recommend starting with cheaper cigars at prices that won’t break the bank. This way, you’ll know what you like and how your humidor stores these cigars without blowing money on expensive cigars that either go bad or just aren’t to your liking.

As you become more familiar with the cigars you enjoy, you can move on to adding boutique and limited-edition cigars that cost a little more. At Roz’s Cigar Emporium, you can find great options like Cucubano cigars, Dujo cigars, and Cuey cigars to add to your new humidor collection. Contact our team if you have questions about how to get your humidor collection started. 
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For those people who like to drink alcohol, it’s much easier for them to find a good beer or whiskey to pair with their cigar. When it comes to folks who aren’t big drinkers, it seems like a more difficult task. Understanding what kind of pop, juice, tea, or coffee that would go best with your cigar is a difficult choice to make, this is why we are here to help!

Let's Start with Tea

Tea isn’t just a drink for the morning, it’s something that people drink throughout the entire day. Whether it’s hot or cold, you can pair it with your cigar whatever way you like. We suggest going with a black tea to start, you don’t want to strip away the flavor of your cigar so going with something that isn’t fruitful is a good place to start.

How About We Add a Little Fizz  

That’s right, soda! Dr. Pepper and Root Beer are sodas that will enhance the flavors in your cigar, a drink that many cigar smokers swear by. For those who are soda drinkers, this is good news for you!

Need a Little Pick Me Up?!

Grab a coffee or espresso and sip away while you puff on any cigar of your choice! Coffee goes great with any kind of cigar regardless of shape, size, or country of origin. We would suggest black coffee paired with more full-bodied cigars. If you enjoy cream and sugar, add that as much as you like with medium-bodied cigars.

Looking to pair your cigar with something else? Stop in at Roz’s Cigar Emporium and let our experts help guide you in choosing a cigar and suggesting a beverage to go along with it!

By lemaster 17 Mar, 2016

At Roz’s Cigar Emporium we want you to enjoy your cigar to its fullest potential. Enjoying your cigar is not only the most important part of cigar smoking but the best part of smoking! This is why we came up with a few tips on how to properly smoke your cigar.

TIP 1: Enjoy your cigar in moderation and take your time. You won’t be able to fully appreciate the flavor of your cigar if you try and smoke it quickly. Puffing away at your cigar can spoil the taste, we recommend taking a puff about every 60 seconds.

TIP 2: Never inhale your cigar smoke. This is not how cigars are intended to be smoked, you want to be able to fully indulge in the flavor and body without inhaling.

Tip 3: Cutting a cigar is very important, the cut is key! Ensure you have a quality cigar cutter on hand when you’re ready to smoke. You will not want to cut through any wrapper. We suggest making one quick, strong cut right before the cap.

Tip 4: Location! Yes, smoking your cigar somewhere that you can relax is important. Our cigar lounge is a fun, relaxing, laid back environment for you and your friends. Enjoy smoking alone? Take a step out in your own backyard and lay back with an adult beverage!

Regardless of where you enjoy smoking or what you enjoy smoking, these tips are here to help you perfect your cigar smoking habits. If you have any questions about cigars give Roz’s Cigar Emporium a call now!

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